Katelyn + Austin | Love At Last

I remember when I first met Katelyn, she has always been more shy and reserved, just a genuinely sweet, sweet lady. I remember talking to her about finding the love of her life two years back - we weren’t entirely sure when he’d come around of course, but we hoped, prayed, laughed and dreamed about the day. happy sigh It’s so marvelous when God shows up when you least expect it. Which brings us to today and this lovely couple! Austin makes her laugh more then I’ve ever seen her laugh, he goes out of his way to do sweet things for her (he cleans her house and does laundry voluntarily as a surprise, yes please!) Just hearing their story makes my heart melt. They’re clearly a match made in heaven. I definitely wanted to highlight their love and keep it as genuine as I could and the results….. ah, it makes my heart melt! We frolicked in the fields during sunset, they stole kisses and we basked in the light of the last day of Fall. It doesn’t get any better then that!